December 19th, 2018

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3 Goals of Teamwork

Many years ago, when I looked at the promises in the Bible concerning Israel, the Church, the Messianic Remnant and the End Times, I came to the conclusion that no one is strong, wise or righteous enough to fulfill them.  If God was calling us to be involved, we had to work together as a team.  If we could not develop teamwork, we could not fulfill our destiny.

It’s never easy to work in a team.  A team involves other people; and people have problems.  They bring their weaknesses, their differences of opinions, their pride, fears, stubbornness, frustrations, etc.  People come with their “baggage” and their “garbage.”

Once I distributed to our staff pieces of a children’s jig-saw puzzle.  We had to slide our pieces into the center of the table to make them fit together.  The separated pieces had no meaning, but when connected, the picture was seen.

Each piece had curves going inward and curves going outward.   We interpreted the inward curves as our weaknesses or needs, and the outward curves as our talents or strong points.  The inward curves – our weaknesses – were what enabled the pieces to fit together.  To form a whole picture, the key is for each one to recognize his need for the other.  We can allow our weaknesses to pull us together, where often our strengths push us apart.

Joint Ownership

I serve in senior leadership at Revive Israel, Tikkun, Ahavat Yeshua and Tiferet Yeshua. Thank God, each team is bearing much fruit by His grace. I feel very aware of my own weaknesses, and often am not sure of what I contribute.  Each team is made up of gifted, talented and motivated people in their own right.

If there is anything that I feel we have done right, it is to cause a feeling of teamwork and joint “ownership.”  In each of these groups, it is apparent that there is interaction and “give and take” in the team.  This in itself provides a sense of safety for the other people involved.  Nothing is dependent on just one person.

I summarize our teamwork goals in a simple three step guideline:

  1. Your Success
  2. Our Togetherness
  3. Generational Transfer

The first priority is to desire the success of the others involved.  The attitude should be: “