December 19th, 2018

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3 Goals of Teamwork

Many years ago, when I looked at the promises in the Bible concerning Israel, the Church, the Messianic Remnant and the End Times, I came to the conclusion that no one is strong, wise or righteous enough to fulfill them.  If God was calling us to be involved, we had to work together as a team.  If we could not develop teamwork, we could not fulfill our destiny.

It’s never easy to work in a team.  A team involves other people; and people have problems.  They bring their weaknesses, their differences of opinions, their pride, fears, stubbornness, frustrations, etc.  People come with their “baggage” and their “garbage.”

Once I distributed to our staff pieces of a children’s jig-saw puzzle.  We had to slide our pieces into the center of the table to make them fit together.  The separated pieces had no meaning, but when connected, the picture was seen.

Each piece had curves going inward and curves going outward.   We interpreted the inward curves as our weaknesses or needs, and the outward curves as our talents or strong points.  The inward curves – our weaknesses – were what enabled the pieces to fit together.  To form a whole picture, the key is for each one to recognize his need for the other.  We can allow our weaknesses to pull us together, where often our strengths push us apart.

Joint Ownership

I serve in senior leadership at Revive Israel, Tikkun, Ahavat Yeshua and Tiferet Yeshua. Thank God, each team is bearing much fruit by His grace. I feel very aware of my own weaknesses, and often am not sure of what I contribute.  Each team is made up of gifted, talented and motivated people in their own right.

If there is anything that I feel we have done right, it is to cause a feeling of teamwork and joint “ownership.”  In each of these groups, it is apparent that there is interaction and “give and take” in the team.  This in itself provides a sense of safety for the other people involved.  Nothing is dependent on just one person.

I summarize our teamwork goals in a simple three step guideline:

  1. Your Success
  2. Our Togetherness
  3. Generational Transfer

The first priority is to desire the success of the others involved.  The attitude should be: “if I can help you succeed, then I have done my job.”

The second priority is maintaining the unity of the team.  Everyone has to sacrifice of himself in order to keep the togetherness. Yielding is the price of unity.

The third area involves training and transfer. Not only are the goals of the kingdom of God too big for any one person, they are too big for any one generation.  Transferring roles and positions goes in both directions: “up and out” for the elders, and “down and in” for the younger ones.

The transition is like a family in which the child then becomes the parent, and the parent becomes the grand parent.  The authority is moved gradually away from the elder to the younger, but the elder remains in a place of influence and honor.

I hope these principles of teamwork and covenantal relationships will help you bear much fruit in every sphere of life (John 15:5, 8, 16).

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  1. Dave December 21, 2018 at 9:55 pm

    Unity in the body of Christ or Hamashia if you prefer … Gentile brother here contributing to my Jewish brethren … so now I’m the minority to the minority of the community of Messianic Jews in Israel … Greetings … and yes! … unity! … albeit not unity for unity’s sake … any and all cults practice that … rather unity in and through Yeshua Hamashia … King of kings and Lord of Lords .. . or I prefer simply … my sweet Jesus … Without the real deal Jesus factor there tends to be a lot of backbiting with under currents of sedition and intriguing rumors abounding because that snake is pretty doggone good at what he does so very well, us touched by an angel and an evil one at that. And I’ll write bit more about the ole boy, this coming to me some time back now. He’ll take from us whatever we’re willing to give him and give to us whatever we’re willing to receive from that low down belly crawler. He’ll take our unity if we’re willing to hand it over to him but less obviously he can give unity also … the wrong kind of course but just the same. I’ve been in churches where you’re either a team player or you’re not with the pastor surrounding himself with the “yes sir crew” always endorsing any and all the man decided to do. I was framed from the pulpit without naming any names of course but I knew it was me … framed as not a team player, a lone ranger and worse of all a know it all … ironic because the pastor craved and had gained unfetter Carte blanche to do as he pleased, the poor fellow making hugely stupidly and wasteful money mistakes thinking he knew it all and it was a less than wealthy congregation, mainly working class. His yes crew a sham perfunctory board never raised concerns about “acts of faith” that were not. By the way I was a faithful tither in that congregation but never thought of it as giving me weight of say in matters … I just didn’t want to see the boneheaded babe in the woods concerning faith, make such painfully obvious mistakes and calling it faith like trying to twist Gods arm to make Him do what ya want for ya by getting you out of jams for making stupid financial decisions. By the way I loved him as being quite a bit like him in these matters I’m writing about. and I still do love him and pray for him to this day, as nice a person you’d ever want to meet, but I couldn’t stay and watch him do things to support his vanity, though seemly a very humble man not personally lavish in any way. But he struggled with inferiority complexes wanting to be something great and in doing so his preaching suffered by trying to be an upbeat funnily successful mega church pastor following the lead of others in his preaching style, all to say he start trying to be someone else than just himself as a simple humble man that he had been , trying to change his persona which is never a very wise thing to attempt by the dent of will. This was all extremely painful to have to watch … heart breaker … and this too of course … I could have done so much better in the situation, of course I could have because we can always do better “at and in” the love of Jesus Christ … right? … So that truth is not lost upon me … and thank you Jesus for it.

  2. Atsuko Megumi December 21, 2018 at 11:59 pm

    Good morning from Osaka Japan. Very timely message.I needed to hear this. I assume I’m in the middle of the elders and the younger generation. And I would like to bridge both in the Lord.

    Also, as I began reading Allignment and listening to your messages on Internet, my eyes are opened to Oneness as God’s divine plan!!!! I had thought I knew, but I hadn’t.

    I’m learning about our roots from Old Testement as we call it from Hebrew eyes(at least I hope so).
    Thank you very much Asher…you are an apple in His eyes.

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