March 10th, 2016

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The whole Bible contains historical facts and events; yet at the same time it is divine Word that provides a pattern for how we are to live in our own time.  The Bible was written in the past, but contains pre-destined secrets from God that are only being revealed today (Romans 16:25-26).

We seek wisdom through Scriptures how to conduct our lives individually, and how to operate our congregations corporately.  The book of Acts describes what the first century disciples actually did.  They serve as an example to us; therefore, we try to act as they did.

Some might say, “Are you so arrogant as to think you are like the great Apostles?”  Quite the contrary: They are the Master Pattern Builders, and we humbly seek to follow the pattern they gave us.  We want to do everything “according to the pattern written” (I Chronicles 28:11, 12, 19; Exodus 25:9, 40).

When we started our team at Revive Israel, we saw Acts One as our pattern; and we continue to do so.  The disciples then served as a team who received a calling from Yeshua to impact the world for the kingdom of God.  Revive Israel is a team of young Israelis seeking to follow the pattern of the apostles in Acts One.

When we started Ahavat Yeshua, our congregation in Jerusalem, we saw Acts Two as our pattern; and continue to do so.  There was a community in downtown Jerusalem, filled with the Holy Spirit, living within the Jewish culture, and sharing the good news of Yeshua with our people.  Ahavat Yeshua seeks to pattern itself after the Acts Two community.

At Tiferet Yeshua congregation in Tel Aviv, we sensed a gifting for evangelism and miracles.  In Acts 9:35-36 a great revival broke out in the greater Tel Aviv area from Lod, to the Sharon, to Jaffa.  We desire that same revival in Tel Aviv today.  Now, the congregation is starting to send out teachers, prophets and evangelists as in Acts 13:1-4. Tiferet Yeshua seeks the same revival as Acts Nine and the same launching of others as Acts Thirteen.

At Tikkun International we have a vision for cooperation between ministry teams and networks that hold similar “restorationist” values.  The model we see is Acts Fifteen.  This is a significant passage in which international leaders met to solve problems and give direction affecting the community of faith world-wide. Peter was there, and Paul, and James, and many others of the “apostles and elders” (Acts 15:4, 6, 22, 23, 33).”  

They dealt with such central issues as:

  1. relationship between Jews and Gentiles;
  2. balance of Law and Grace;
  3. spheres of authority among different apostles;
  4. theological foundations and strategy;
  5. arbitration of disputes among leaders.

This was an international council of apostolic leaders based in Jerusalem.  They prayed and discussed matters at length; and then sent out their decisions in writing.  Their wisdom and authority led to growth and unity in the Body of Messiah all over the world.  We desire to see that kind of cooperation based on Acts Fifteen.

Please partner with us to fulfill these exciting “Acts Pattern” visions.

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