• When the nations of the world unite to try to destroy Israel
February 14th, 2014

Haman and Mordechai

The Greek compound “anti-Christos” is the New Testament term for one who is either “the opponent” of Christ (Messiah); or one who “takes his place.” In the modern Hebrew New Testament, the translators chose the word tsorer, based on Esther 3:10 in which Haman is described as an “enemy” or “troubler” of the Jews. Tsorer also is from the same root as “tribulation,” describing the tribulations of the end times (Jer 30:7, Dan. 12:1). Haman is a figure of the Antichrist, who will also cause terrible trouble for the Jews in the time of the Great Tribulation (Matt 24:21; Rev 7:14).

Mordechai refused to kneel to Haman. Haman became infuriated. When he realized Mordechai was a Jew, he wanted to kill not only him, but also all of his people. This is a central role of the antichrist figure–simply put: kill all the Jews! Esther 3:6 – Haman sought to destroy all the Jews. This aspect of genocide is similar to Pharaoh, Herod and Hitler. It will be a clear identifying mark of the Antichrist of the end times.

A Decision to Make

Could it happen again? – Certainly. If it happened in Persia (ancient Iran), it could happen today. A few years ago, I was in Jordan for a conference of Arab Christians and Messianic Jews. One of the Arab pastors said to me, “Did you know we could be killed for coming to this conference?” I replied, “Is that because you are Christians in a Muslim country?” He said, “No, we could be killed for talking to you, because you are a Jew.”

Haman’s plan was “…to destroy, to kill and to cause to perish all the Jews” – Esther 3:13. This gives profound insight into Yeshua’s words that Satan comes – “to steal, to kill and to destroy” John 10:10. This attack is not only spiritually in the minds of men but also historically in attempted genocides of the Jewish people.

When the nations of the world unite to try to destroy Israel, the Christian community internationally will have to decide which side to be on. Let us all take our place as modern day Mordechais and Esthers to intercede against the plans of Satan and the Antichrist to destroy Israel, the Jewish people and Christians alike.

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