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Exodus and the Revelation

It seems like the whole world’s safety hangs by a thread. But until just before the Lord returns after the seventh trumpet, we will be seeing the greatest harvest, the greatest miracles and the salvation of Israel. So indeed, the glory of God will be revealed in his salvation through judgment. Israel is in the eye of the storm.

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Battling the Spirit of the Antichrist

During the first century , movements grew up that denied the Incarnation (that Yeshua was God manifest in human flesh). There are two sides to this denial: one is to deny His divinity and the other to deny His fully human incarnation. Keeping these doctrines in their right balance and relationship is fundamental to our faith.

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Irrevocable Calling

Jewish disciples of Yeshua are both the saved remnant of Israel and the Jewish members of the Body of the Messiah, the Jewish part of the One New Man. They join Israel and the Church together in an unseen corporate connection. Someday all Israel will be part of the Body of the Messiah, grafted back into their own Olive Tree leading to life from the dead...

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