January 30th, 2019

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Blood of the Covenant and Spiritual Warfare (Part 1)

There are over 400 references to blood in the Scriptures.  There is a spiritual meaning to the “blood” in addition to being the red fluid that flows through our bodies. The blood is said to carry the “soul” of the human being.

The soul of the flesh is in the blood, and I have given it to you on the altar to atone for your souls, for the blood by the soul will atone. Leviticus 17:11

The rule is: soul in place of soul.  When a human being sins, his soul becomes unclean.  The soul (represented by the blood) is then given to make atonement for the sinning soul: to purify the soul, and to pay the punishment. The unclean soul under the death penalty is redeemed, “bought back” by the death of the innocent soul. 

Ultimately, the soul of a righteous human being is demanded to compensate   for the soul of the sinful human being.  The animal sacrifices of the Torah are only symbolic, pointing to the blood of Yeshua.  The soul of an animal cannot make atonement for the soul of a human.  The animal’s blood points to the blood of the righteous Messiah, who indeed makes atonement for us: soul for soul.

This exchange is offered free of charge to everyone by grace, receiving the price paid for his or her own soul.  In this way a soul is “saved” by the sacrifice of the blood.  The blood is not only the sacrifice that allows a soul to enter into covenant with God, it is the seal that keeps and protects that covenant.

Ultimate Covenant 

Blood means that a person’s life has been shed. A blood covenant is the strongest kind of covenant, because it involves a price of life and death, a total commitment. The blood allows the covenant to take place; and blood is demanded if the covenant is broken. 

Many types of witchcraft involve a blood covenant to control the souls of the people involved, who then become victims of total manipulation and destruction. 

In the case of our new covenant with Yeshua, the power of the blood is for good, not evil. We enter