April 8th, 2015

The Key to Faithfulness Amongst the Treachery of Mankind

The following is a short transcription of selected portions from the teaching.
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[0:45] You know there’s a very important thing about Jewish identity in the scriptures. But you know what? It’s got nothing to do with Jewish people. We get this so wrong. It’s got to do with God’s faithfulness. He’s allowed us to be unfaithful to demonstrate that He’s been faithful for several thousand years. Instead of being proud of our Jewish identity, we need to be really embarassed about it. I mean it’s almost like if you were going to say, how could you prove somebody’s being generous? You’d have to bring somebody really poor so that you could give him money. Well how can you prove that somebody’s really faithful? You have to bring a group of people that are really not faithful and He continues to be faithful. I don’t think our people are actually less faithful than anybody else in the world, maybe just recorded. But the point of us is that when you look at our history, what God’s trying to say is:

“I want to show you how faithful I am.” He said, “Look at this people.”

You look at them and you say, “What’s so special?”

And you know what’s so special about us? Nothing! You know what’s special about us? It’s that God’s using us to show how faithful He is. It’s got nothing to do with us. It’s supposed to be about proving the faithfulness of God. In other words, we don’t want people to have a revelation about the Jewish roots of the faith because of us, but to understand the faithfulness of God. That’s the issue here. And so, first of all it’s His faithfulness, but then when you see that, it begins to develop the faithfulness of God inside of you. That’s what God wants to develop. If God can be faithful to the Jewish people for two, three, four thousand years, then obviously that’s the kind of character that He wants to produce in me. Then I can be faithful for ten years…twenty years…thirty years…forty years. And I’m beginning to realize that for a lot of people in the world even among believers, among Christians and Messianic Jews, they don’t feel that they see a lot of examples of people being faithful, of having long term relationships.

[3:52] Now, because God has given us free will, and people are treacherous by nature, then you can’t just trust a person. You have to have the other person, and you, with Godly character and that’s still not enough. You can have the other person, you, and Jesus. That’s still not enough. You need a mechanism and that’s what we call covenant…

[4:30] It’s not only the goodness of your heart and the goodness of my heart, which is wavering. But we also have to have a framework of relationships where we say we’re committed to that. That’s why a man and a woman can get married. To say I trust you and you trust me, but wait a minute, we need another mechanism. I’m not that trustworthy and you’re not that trustworty to make that happen. I need to not just trust you, I need to trust the mechanism between us to make that happen. So God brings us this covenant.

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