December 26th, 2018

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End Time Lessons from Israel’s Iron Lady – Golda Meir

After reading, “My Life” – the autobiography of Golda Meir, I have grown in appreciation for the founding fathers and mothers of the modern state of Israel. They faced incredible challenges and yet helped “birth a nation in a day.” (Isaiah 66:8) I believe Golda’s story has prophetic significance for the final years before Yeshua returns. Here is the pattern I see:

Golda was born in 1898. She grew up in harsh conditions in Pinsk, Russia. In 1906 her family immigrated to America in search of freedom and a prosperous life. During her time in America she was influenced by her older sister’s politically active friends. One topic they often discussed was Zionism, which awakened a deep desire in Golda to one day move to Palestine. 

Her dream of joining other Jewish pioneers in Palestine came true in 1921 when she and her husband left the comforts of America behind. Her account of crossing the ocean by boat, and arriving into Tel Aviv by train over a month later is an absolute nightmare (pg. 52-55).  

The Tel Aviv she first set