April 5th, 2020

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Global Alignment of Passover and Last Supper

For years, God has been bringing us together into oneness as a Global family of faith with the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit.  We receive this vision from Yeshua’s prayer in John 17, that we would all be one in God’s love.  We are experiencing the reality of the international ecclesia.  It is a fellowship of faith, a koinonia and communion, that is growing exponentially both in quality and quantity, as our love for one another deepens.

We are also entering into a strategic alignment with covenantal relationships between Jews, Arabs and people from every nation and ethnic group.   Such an array of global relationships could not have happened previously at any point in history. 

We are now seeking to put this international fellowship in line with order of God’s historical covenants, biblical calendar and prophetic patterns.  However, whenever we speak of Jewish roots, global alignment, holy days and so on, we must be careful, because one can easily get out of balance. Mistakes can be made on either side: trying to be too “Jewish” in our cultural orientation, or by rejecting the biblical significance in the Jewish feasts and symbols. 

When we line up our Global communion with God’s covenant pattern, I believe there will be a release of great spiritual power.  The correct alignment demands that we maintain the right balance.

Center horizontal line – global family, international communion, a line that goes out across the whole world. This is what we just did last week – over 120,000 devices connecting from 147 nations.

The place where the international communion and the Passover season intersect, is in the Last Supper. Was the Last Supper a communion service or a Passover seder? It was both! The Jewish community and the Christian community split – one went to communion, one went to a seder, and it lacks the combined power.

In order to put them together, the link pin is in the Last Supper – it is both totally a Jewish Passover, and totally a Christian Communion. It’s very important not to not miss this link pin between the international Ecclesia communion and the Passover covenant meal: the Last Supper of Yeshua and His disciples.

The Passover and the Communion come together in the Last Supper.  The two become one, while maintaining their own identities.  We desire to reconnect the Passover and the Communion after 2,000 years of separation. The Last Supper is the intersection. Understanding the Last Supper brings Communion and Passover into alignment.

We are not saying that Christians around the world must keep a fully Jewish Passover seder.  However, we are saying the Passover is the origin and foundation of international Christian communion. We are asking Christians to re-align communion to its covenantal foundations in the Passover by understanding the Last Supper in its right context. 

For the Jewish world, we are saying that the Passover finds its fulfillment is the Last Supper.  The symbols of the Passover lamb, cups of wine, matzah, and so on – all have their full significance in Yeshua the Messiah.  Without Yeshua, the Passover symbols lack their prophetic meaning. 

The Last Supper is the fulfillment of the Passover; and the Last Supper is the foundation of the Communion. They have been split for 2,000 years. Now as the International Ecclesia, including Messianic Jews and Christians Arabs, we have an opportunity to pull these two great elements back together.

This is not just an issue of Christians going backwards in history to understand the Passover.  When we understand our past, we can see where we are going in the future.  It’s like a bow and arrow – pulling backwards is what aims and propels to shoot forward.

Communion is a supernatural spiritual experience.  But when taken without its covenantal roots, it has no prophetic direction. When communion is lined up with Passover through the Last Supper, a vector is formed.  Passover to Last Supper to Communion form coordinates on a line which points in a direction.

The meaning of Passover is past, present and future.  Even the Rabbis teach that the celebration of Passover in not just to remember the past of Pharaoh and the Pyramids; it is to look forward to the fuller national redemption at the coming of Messiah.  It contains the future of kingdom of Messiah. 

Lining up the Christian Communion with its covenant origins in the Jewish Passover gets us ready for the events of the End Times.  The Exodus story contains elements teaching us about the second coming of Yeshua.

The Passover had two parts: first, salvation by the blood of the Lamb, and then military victory at the Red Sea.  Personal atonement was fulfilled at the first coming of Yeshua, total redemption will be fulfilled at the second. Lining up with God’s pattern points us in the right direction and prepares us the end times and the coming of Yeshua’s kingdom.

The mixed multitude that came out of Egypt (Exodus 12:38) was the very purpose of God from the beginning – He is looking for a group of people. That mixed multitude will ultimately become the great multitude that no one can count (Revelation 7:9).  God desires a “special people” and a royal priesthood (Exodus 19:5-6, I Peter 2:5, Revelation 1:6; 5:10) from every nation, tongue and tribe.   

Jews, Arabs and every ethnic group are included in that “special people”.  Every individual person and every ethnic group has an equal place in the family of God.   As the international Ecclesia comes together in right alignment, there should be a tremendous release of power. God’s glorious purposes for all his children together will be revealed.

The Jews and the Arabs are the descendants of Abraham.  They were the first two parts of the family of God, and in some ways become the last two parts to be restored.  When these last two pieces – Arab and Jew – fall into place in the global family, the picture puzzle is complete.

Jews and Arabs were enemies in the Passover story.  At communion, Jews and Arabs are reconciled by the blood of the Lamb, Yeshua.  Now we can be partners, not enemies.  The communion of the international ecclesia is rightly aligned when it is connected to the Passover by the Last Supper.  The global family comes to its fulness when Jews and Arabs come into covenant partnership. 

We believe these relationships, when joined together and rightly aligned, will release a great synergy of spiritual revival.

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  1. Clarence Carey April 5, 2020 at 3:21 pm

    Shalom, if the mosiac Covenant is still valid and binding, you would have a valid point! The last supper was a transition meal. (Luke 22:15,16 Revelation 19:9). YESHUA has fulfilled all the Jewish feast, and abolish them! (Hebrews 8:6-13) AL-AQSA MOSQUE on the Temple Mount is proof. Communion is for believers in YESHUA ONLY! Fellowship of believers! (1 Corth 11:27-29) This is how Jews connect with Gentiles, and with Hashem! Not by trying to synthesize the two Covenants together! One LORD, ONE FAITH, ONE BAPTISM! (Ephesians 4:5-6) Thanks

  2. J April 10, 2020 at 8:04 pm

    I do not believe Yeshua abolishing any of the feasts. He said that he came to fulfill the law and the prophets. He took part in the feasts, ie. the Feast of Lights, or the Feast of Dedication. etc. He made a new Covenant, yes, but He never did away with the Feasts. These are Biblical Feasts! I do not believe these Feasts were thrown out by Yeshua. He said follow me. History will tell you that the first church/es kept these feasts. It was earthly kingdom empires who abolished or replaced them with their own pagan mix within the church. Although the ones who keep the Feasts most are the Jewish people.

    I do believe Christians should keep their Christianity and not replace it by trying to be Jewish and the same for the Jewish person. But I do not believe these Feasts were thrown out by Yeshua He said follow me. God made us with our own individuality and uniqueness. But one day there will be a unity between the Jew and Gentile as Paul explains in many of his letters. One New Man.

  3. CYNDY WELDE April 11, 2020 at 12:44 am


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