September 20th, 2017

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[Excerpt from “Alignment” Chapter 8: Global Alignment]

One aspect of alignment is identification. A change of identity is occurring in the international Church and in the Messianic remnant. The change is a switch from “them” to “us.” This change of identity is to some degree a redefinition of the Ecclesia (or returning to its original definition). It is the Church and Israel identifying one with another. The Church was always meant to see itself as a spiritual extension of the people of Israel. The Messianic remnant was meant to see the international Ecclesia as its “offspring” or “progeny.”

At the 822 Homecoming Gathering in Jerusalem in 2014, the International Convention Center was filled to capacity. Some of the Arab and Jewish brothers came on to the main platform together. I led a time of repentance on behalf of the Messianic community toward the Arab Christian community. We honored them as our brothers. We confessed that we were “married” together by covenant faith in Yeshua.

Then David Demian called the Arab brothers to respond. He led them in a faith declaration according to the book of Ruth: “Your people will be my people, and Your God will be my God.” A covenantal bond was formed. A profound repositioning was taking place. Until that moment, I thought that the “Ruth” calling was a unique and unusual calling for those few Christians whom God had led to be connected to the people of Israel. To see all these Arab leaders making that commitment changed my viewpoint. If Arab Christians can do this, why can’t all Christians do it?

I realized that the Ruth example was supposed to be the normative one. Ruth is a model for the entire Ecclesia community. Ruth is not to be the exception but the rule. If Yeshua is both head of the Church and King of Israel, then we are to be joined as one people by faith.

In November 2016, at the Global Gathering in Jerusalem Arena, David Demian asked me if I would let the Samoan brothers lift me up on their shoulders on the stage to symbolically offer a crown to Yeshua. I ran around looking for someone else to do it. David insisted that I do it as one of the Messianic fathers in the Land. My dear (and strong) Samoan brothers Sika and Vea lifted me up. I was given a model of a golden crown. I felt extremely awkward and embarrassed, but I lifted the crown as an offering to Yeshua as the whole stadium began to declare “Barukh Haba” from Matthew 23:39. My arms grew heavy. Suddenly the Arab brothers saw I was getting tired, and they rushed up to hold my arms. Some of them from Muslim countries risked their lives even to be on stage with us. They said, “This is our role: to support our Messianic brothers in inviting Yeshua back on behalf of the Body of Christ at large