• Hide and Seek
September 5th, 2014

At the beginning of the Bible, right after the sin of Adam and Eve, we see God coming to earth to search for His wayward creatures.

Genesis 3:9 – And God called to the man, and said, “Where are you?”

When Adam and Eve sinned, they turned their back on God; they betrayed Him; they were avoiding Him; they had negative thoughts about Him; they didn’t want to see Him.   Yet God overcame all those obstacles. He actively sought them out. The good shepherd leaves all to find the lost sheep (Luke 15:4).

Yeshua’s mission to earth continued God’s search to make contact with mankind.

Luke 19:10 – The son of Man came to seek and save the lost.

I used to think that I was searching for God. And in a way, God does hide Himself to allow for everyone to search for Him (Acts 17:27). Yet more and more I see it was God who was seeking me out. I was totally engaged in my own selfishness, and He pursued me despite all my rejection of Him.

II Timothy 1:17 – (Onesiphoris) was diligent to search for me until he found me.

Love searches for the other. Love breaks down barriers to make connection. Love is active to go out of its place to find the loved one.We must “strive to make contact.” Love does not wait passively for the other person to make contact, but is diligent to keep searching until the other is found. We keep searching even while the other person is resisting our efforts to make contact.

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