July 4th, 2014
Two years ago our kibbutz suffered a setback after being sued by Lesbians for not allowing them to hold a “wedding” on our property. Recently our appeal was denied, and since then, an unprecedented new wave of attacks has come against us on email, internet, Ynet, Mako and social networks.

Other homo-lesbians are demanding to hold events here, which in effect may force us to close our facilities and fire the staff. We have a sense that God may be calling us to redefine our facilities more clearly as a religious organization, which would change the legal status concerning homo-lesbian events. We have been hesitant in the past to do this because we enjoy being open to the broader public and being free from the need to fund raise as a non-profit.

An interesting side note is that we have been contacted by orthodox Jewish religious organizations, who although they oppose us because of our faith in Yeshua, they want to support us against the attacks from the homo-lesbians. One rabbi told me, “They are attacking you now, but we know we will be next in line; so we want to stand with you.”

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