November 10th, 2016

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Spiritually and relationally speaking this has been an incredible and historical week here in Jerusalem, with approximately 3,000 believers from over 25 nations, at the Global Gathering, led by David Demian. The honor and love shared between different people groups reached an unprecedented level.

Asher: At one point I was asked to come on stage, representing a spiritual father figure for the Messianic Jews in the Land. The Samoan brothers placed me on their shoulders and brought me to lift up a golden crown symbolizing the crown of kingship to be offered to Yeshua. As it was difficult for me to hold the crown high as offering it to Yeshua for a long time, a group of Arab Christian leaders rushed on to the stage to hold up my arms.  There was a sense of awe in the Arena, as we sang spontaneously from Psalm 24 and then proclaimed, “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord” (Matt 23:39).

Personally I felt extremely uncomfortable about the whole “prophetic gesture” and I had to pray about it afterward.  That evening David and I “unwrapped” and explained the symbolic meaning from a biblical perspective.

I felt my embarrassment was indicative of the hesitancy of the Messianic community to trust the intentions and methods of leaders in the international Church.  This was a sign for us to trust our brothers and sisters to lift us up into God’s will.

The Arab leaders expressed a deep covenantal commitment to us.  They were willing to give their lives in loyalty to us. (In fact several of the Arabs who came from Muslim countries may have been risking their lives for appearing there.)  We could feel how they were desirous not only of being in fellowship with us, but in helping us to fulfill our calling in crowning Yeshua at the 2nd Coming. As my arms were tired, they held them up.  We realized that more than any faith community in the world, it will be the Christian Arabs who will affirm and assist the Messianic Jews to fulfill our destiny.

By the leading of the Holy Spirit we gave a symbolic demonstration of the covenantal alignment among the people of God that will be necessary in order to crown Yeshua as king and welcome Him back to rule and reign on this planet.  Then David led us in prayer to break the declaration of UNESCO which denies the historic Jewish connection to the Temple Mount.  I ended up with a prayer declaration that God was creating a new type of “United Nations” from the spiritual remnant of every nation, united together in love and prayer under rulership of King Yeshua.

Cody: “What I experienced on the first night of the gathering this week was incredible. At one point during the worship the singers and musicians went silent. Then for the next twenty minutes the whole building was in a “holy hush” in the presence of God. No one was speaking or moving; everyone was silently waiting on the Holy Spirit. I have never seen this much time given at a major event to waiting on God in silence – I LOVE THIS, we need to do this MORE!’ The leaders on the stage were on their faces weeping. Then slowly a song began to arise from the crowd, ‘Holy, Holy, is the Lord God Almighty, worthy is the Lamb…’ This chorus led into other spontaneous choruses arising from the audience! It was amazing!”

Watch video archives from the gathering, HERE!

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