February 6th, 2015

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In past ages the Kingdom of God was identified with the rule of the Church. In more recent times, the Kingdom has been understood as the Millennial Age, something that has been postponed to the future. Both of these views contain Biblical truth, but do not describe the full picture of the Kingdom of God.

First of all, the Kingdom has really come to us through Yeshua the Messiah. It is now possible to enter the Kingdom, live from the Kingdom and to manifest His Kingdom rule. However, though it is a present reality, it is not yet here in fullness. This fullness of the Kingdom awaits the second coming of Yeshua. So where is the Kingdom seen? It is seen in manifestations of Kingdom power.

It is also seen wherever there is submission to the will of God:

“Your Kingdom come, Your will be done”
– Matthew 6:10.

The Holy Spirit now dwells in each individual disciple. The Kingdom is seen in the one who lives according to the teaching of Yeshua. The Kingdom is seen in marriages and families that are ordered through his presence and power (Ephesians 5-6).

The Kingdom is seen in the life of a congregation that is in correct biblical order. We might even say that congregational life is the fullest manifestation of the Kingdom in this lifetime; as Yeshua taught:

“I will establish My congregation (kehilah) and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it”
– Matthew 16:18.

Yet the Kingdom is always in partial manifestation to the extent that individuals and spheres of human life are in submission to God’s order. Perfect submission to God’s order in any sphere will not occur in this age.

The Kingdom is in manifestation when civil governors rule according to biblical principles.

Businessmen should run their businesses according to Kingdom values, producing products and services that benefit people, and using profits to bless employees, shareholders, and consumers. In this way, the business leader can create wealth for the benefit of all. His stewardship of wealth should be directed primarily for the extension of the Kingdom of God, not selfish or opulent living. Godly employees through prayer and faithfulness also have power to bring transformation to the business world around them.

Our involvement in the arts, science and education should all reflect Kingdom values as well

Seeking God’s Kingdom and its righteousness (Matthew 6:33) means to bring all areas of life into line with His Kingdom order, or “Torah.” No one knows how much the Kingdom can be manifested in all spheres before Yeshua’s return. In the fullness of the Kingdom after Yeshua’s return, Israel and the nations will be in right relationship toward one another, thus producing God’s international order and peace among nations. Until that day, let us seek to see the Kingdom in manifestation in every sphere to the fullest extent possible.

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