September 11th, 2019

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Lion and Lamb (Part 2)

In this part 2, let’s look at how Jerusalem and the future are connected to Yeshua’s identity as Lamb and Lion. If you missed part 1, click HERE!

The Messiah had to come and suffer as an innocent sacrifice in order to provide forgiveness and atonement for our sins.  This happened on the cross.  He will return to earth to rule and reign for a thousand years in the millennial kingdom (Revelation 20). 

There is no contradiction between the two.  On the cross, the sign over Yeshua’s head read, “King of the Jews”.   He will return to rule and reign as Lion of Judah.  As the cross took place in the past in Jerusalem, so will Jerusalem be the location of the capital of Yeshua’s kingdom in the future.  The cross and the capital are both in Jerusalem (Psalm 2:6; 48:1-2).

The lion is the symbol of a ruling king.  The lion of Judah is “king of the Jews” and therefore His capital has to be the city of Jerusalem in Judea.  Judah himself stepped into his destiny as leader of the tribe of the coming Messianic king, when he humbled himself and offered to stay in jail in place of his half-brother Benjamin (Genesis 44:33). This moment of being a sacrificial lamb qualified him to be the father of the conquering king.  </