November 28th, 2018

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Prophetic Alert to the Church

There is a growing consensus in the western world which is independent of any specific political party or country—one that is violently against any Judeo-Christian values. The idea is that the moral laws of the Bible have robbed mankind of the pursuit of happiness. The desire is to annihilate the values that are the basis for the traditional family. This is a global movement and will inexorably take over the world and we must be prepared to be severely persecuted if we are contrary to it. 

God is giving a window of opportunity and temporary victory against these forces through Trump’s surprise election and conservative victories in other countries like Brazil. But the reaction to these parties and politicians who defend Judeo-Christian moral values will come back soon (I believe about 4 to 10 years) with renewed strength.

We must alert the church urgently to watch and pray about the following issues:

1 – We must make use of the economic prosperity that is coming in the next few years to advance the causes of the kingdom of God and not let ourselves be attracted to materialism and selfish fulfillment of our own whims, comfort and pleasure.

We must maintain the values Jesus taught us of denying ourselves, taking up our cross daily, ministering to the needs of the poor and the unevangelized. We must not let ourselves be hypnotized by the values of the cultures around us. The money God will be putting in our hands is to send and support missionaries and kingdom workers all over the world. We must see the Great Commission fulfilled!

2 – The devil isn’t worried about the older generation. He doesn’t mind if they keep going to church and defending Christian values. Just like Pharaoh in ancient Egypt, Herod in Jesus’ times and the dragon in Revelation 12, he is after the new generation, as he knows that it is the instrument God will use to destroy his kingdom and to introduce the kingdom of the Messiah.

We must, therefore, as a church, turn our full attention to preparing this new generation. We must combat abortion, invest in Christian schools, help orphans, support adoption, work with our children, invade the universities and instill in the new generation all the legacy we have received so that they will be able to rise up as the prophetic instrument God is looking for to challenge the antichrist regime and welcome the return of Jesus.

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  1. Monte Petersen November 30, 2018 at 6:48 pm - Reply

    Please, I don’t understand??? In the Book of Daniel, the Bible says God’s Kingdom is like a stone that becomes a mountain and fills the whole Earth. If this is true, how can anti-christ “take over the World?” Secondly, many of the greatest leaders in the Bible were old men, Abraham, Moses, Caleb, and Joshua. Why would the devil not be afraid of such in these fullness of times when God has promised to pour out His Spirit on “all flesh” would not those with the most experience be leaders? Respectfully ask you to clarify Sir. I do totally agree with you that we should be good stewards who tithe the tenth and give to the poor, we must come out of the Babylonian financial system and operate according to the Torah. Thanks!

  2. Dave November 30, 2018 at 6:49 pm - Reply

    Interesting this “Prophetic Alert” has many truths in it but there are things here of concern to me also. We are told here to combat abortion and yet the scriptures are basically silent on the subject … first listed is combat abortion … next is invest in Christian schools. Again another subject not specifically torched upon by the scriptures … finally third listed is help orphans, that is indeed a scriptural mandate of true religion … so that’s good! Point two in the alert tells us what the devil isn’t worried about and here again we have a problem of presumption, in fact so presumptuous as to describe the mind of Satan, being what the covering cherubim isn’t worried about, implying the author knows what Lucifer worries about and that in fact the wicked one actually does worry … does he?… Do we know that for a fact? Certainly not a solidly scripturally supported idea … also the writer of this alert seems worried about this angel kidnapping the next generation and that seems to me a defensive mind set of circling the wagons rather than leading the wagon train right over the snake in the grass on the trail. Love wins the battle and this is love for our enemies who are described as this this worldwide anti-traditional values movement, written about in the alert. What can stand before love? God is love and the victory is love … love for our enemies included … Jesus went to the cross when he could have annihilated his enemies with twelve legions of angels sent from the Father … the way of the cross is not easy … but it’s the victory … the victory of love … the only true victory … the only one worth fighting for … Paul gives wisdom concerning prophecy, first not to despise it because often there is a general inclination to do so especially when some parts seem obviously skewed … out of alignment with the scriptures.
    1Th 5:20  Despise not prophesyings. 
    1Th 5:21  Prove all things; hold fast that which is good. 
    And of course I agree with the Apostle to the Gentiles … prove all things … and so I do … and equally holding fast to that which is good in this prophetic warning article … some seems good to me and some perhaps less than … for indeed I prophesy here too. Don’t just accept everything unquestioning as though it were rebellion from authority, for it is not … Rather as Paul wrote prove all things … that means think about all prophetic assertions very, very carefully to hang onto the parts that are good and the rest? … just let it go by the wayside.

  3. Karen Vagnoni November 30, 2018 at 11:09 pm - Reply

    Normally I’m 100% with articles from Revive. Not this one. While I agree the young generation is important and should be the focus of our energy, I’m convinced and have seen revival stirring among the elderly. These seasoned ones will be able to steward a move of God that is bigger and stronger than has been seen in their lifetime.

    • dave December 1, 2018 at 5:51 pm - Reply

      Quite interesting and encouraging what you write Karen. I’m sixty three years old having started my Christian journey at seven having been baptized three times with several re-dedications … As the years have gone by I’ve been closing in closer and closer on the truth that is to say getting past the stumbling blocks of false doctrines that spin believers out of the way into false hopes of riches and all manner of delusional thinking concerning the faith. The lessons have been manifold and costly but it’s the desire of my heart to now utilize what I’ve come to. I was in and came out of the Maranatha Jesus movement of Southern Ca wherein we flattered ourselves back in the day as being what we termed the “Right on” believers for such things like not dressing in suit and tie for Church on Sunday … we were rather full of ourselves to say the least and this I’ve come to realize through the experience that the great enemy is not outside the camp but within and enemy is in us as the core value of the wicked one and this is a full scripturally supported notion … It’s pride, just plain ole human pride that people generally like to wallow in like pigs in slop … Pride’s got to go for the awaking to occur … in fact that is the awakening … awakening from the illusions and delusions of our human pride … for example in the article above; us the redeemed (termed as the traditional value crowd) that somehow we’re intrinsically superior to this evil movement in the world that supposedly wants to destroy our way of life … Well people of the world have always been just that and so there’s nothing new about the world being the world, the lust of the eye, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life is the composition of the world that stands in opposition to the high standard of Jesus Christ, being His Church … this worldwide movement that comes against traditional values is just progressive thinking that at it’s core is technology most important of which is AI (artificial intelligence) most of us are already pulled into this brave new world far more than our pride is willing to admit. There’s only one winning edge we have as believers in all this … Love that the world craves and is starving for … no machine can manufacture love, it can’t be bought or sold and the world would give anything to have it though there are those who hate it, for love destroys their self centered operating platform. This all if only we the redeemed had it to show but that would require us to open up to receiving more love from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ … filling up to our hearts overflowing with it … out on the world. That’s the victory with none other beside … Traditional values don’t always truly represent the person of Jesus Christ … Jesus as a religion? Well yes … but Jesus as a person? … I don’t think so.

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