May 1st, 2019

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Restoring the Kingdom to Israel (Part 2)

“The Third Dimension of the Apostolic Commission”


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When the disciples asked Yeshua in Acts 1:7 if the kingdom would be established in Israel at that time, He did not say it would not happen. He said they could not know when. In that sense Yeshua affirmed the biblical plan for the kingdom of God in Israel.  However, the restoration of the kingdom to Israel would happen at the end of the gospel period, not at the beginning.

The kingdom will be restored to Israel, when the king returns to Israel.  This happens at the second coming, not the first.  The finale of the great commission ends up with Yeshua’s return. “This Yeshua who was lifted up from you into heaven will certainly come in the same manner as you saw Him go up to heaven” (Acts 1:11).

Yeshua’s disciples had expected:

  1. Establish the kingdom to Israel
  2. Extend the kingdom to the nations

Yeshua changed this to:

  1. Be filled with the Holy Spirit
  2. Preach the gospel to all nations
  3. Establish the kingdom at the second coming
    1. To Israel
    2. To all nations

The kingdom of God includes both Israel and the nations.  It is not Israel without the nations; nor is it the nations without Israel. 

Inside Out

The kingdom of God is first spiritual and inward, then outward and governmental. Ultimately, Yeshua will return; His kingdom will be established on earth with peace and prosperity for all nations, with its capital in Jerusalem. (Isaiah 2, Isaiah 9, Micah 4, Ezekiel 40-48, Matthew 23, Matthew 24, Luke 21, Revelation 20, etc.)

The kingdom came first spiritually to the disciples in Israel.  Then it was to spread to all the nations.  During that time Israel had to be exiled and dispersed among the nations.  As the message of the kingdom spread to all nations, so was the international church (Ecclesia) established in all nations.


Now this multi-ethnic Ecclesia is coming to realize that the time for Yeshua’s return is near.  He will come back to Israel (to the Mount of Olives and Jerusalem) to establish His kingdom on earth.  The Ecclesia is now to pray for the kingdom to be restored to Israel, and thereby pray for the kingdom to be established in all the world.

The kingdom is restored to Israel in several stages:

  1. Regathering the people to the land
  2. Reestablishing the state and the capital
  3. Restoring the Messianic remnant
  4. Revival in Israel
  5. Return of Yeshua as king and messiah.

As every human being has three dimensions: spirit, soul and body; so too does the kingdom of God. We desire to see the fullness of the gospel message in all of its three dimensions: infilling of the Holy Spirit, witness to the nations for the salvation of souls, restoring the kingdom to Israel. The original apostolic commission cannot be fulfilled unless it includes the third element: restoring the kingdom to Israel. 

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  1. Chris Paul Bliesner May 1, 2019 at 3:14 pm

    Great explanation brother, love your teachings!! Yes Yeshua’s return is very soon we believe (this Rosh Hoshanah??) We can only hope and pray!!

    May revival come to all Israel swiftly!!! Baruch Hashem!!

    Joel 2:28-32 – this is a time of miracles and healings!!!



  2. Bob Boynton May 3, 2019 at 1:41 pm

    Don’t forget what the Angel told Daniel and the time when Yeshua spoke to His Apostles

  3. Clarence Carey May 4, 2019 at 2:52 pm

    Shalom! Question? Why did the disciples ask this question knowing YESHUA was going to destroy Jerusalem?(Their kingdom Matt 24:1-3 Matt 23:37,38) Restoration was back to Divine rule for which you have YESHUA response of the Holy Spirit. Your forgetting (John 4:20-24 Luke 17:20) Restoration is not back to literal Jerusalem since worship is decentralized! YESHUA second coming would/was be in the Glory of the father (Matt 16:27) Riding the Cloud Like His father (Isaiah 19:1 Acts 1:9) A past event, A.D.70 Israel is YESHUA and His seed! NOT SEEDS (Gal 3:29 Romans 4:13-17) Who is ISRAEL? Romans 9:6 Shalom

  4. Dave May 7, 2019 at 3:44 pm

    The Kingdom of God. Restoration of exactly what? Establishment of precisely what? Restoring the kingdom to Israel? What precisely does that mean? The briefly united kingdom that David and Solomon ruled over before it began to fragment, crumble and dissolve, becoming only a fond memory dream of the former glory days? Fragmented by internal and external forces? What is this restoration? Of what Kingdom to Israel? Who’s the King of the Kingdom? Jesus obviously. Asher attempts to quantify and qualify these understanding here, can it be done? And to what end should we try to? Do we need to know and for what reason do we need to? The world’s coming to an end this we know for sure and so does the world that’s ending, the worlds own prophets are predicting its demise. These are scientific rationalists who can see we’re on a seemingly unavoidable collision course with a cataclysmic and final disastrous ending of human life as we know it on earth. Hollywood knows also with a myriad of dystopia movies churned out by Tinsel Town as a very popualr theme. This is sobering but nothing to compare with the “Ecclesia” so much in denial of the looming doom of this world in which one would think the church should be happy to see it come grinding to it’s final and miserable demise, good riddance! How odd because the Bible clearly predicts it as do the scientific prophets , very odd indeed. And sorry to have to say it might have something to do with the love of the world that John cautioned us against, for if we do love it? The love of the Father is not in us. That seems so radical but there it is written right there in the Bible ( kind of extremist sounding right?). So what’s this have to do with restoring the kingdom to Israel? Valid question. The world’s now in the birth pangs of death, ( by the way, one woman every minute in the world dies giving birth). The world is now dying giving birth to the Kingdom, The millennium will not be this world as we know it, very dissimilar indeed. More like eternity that comes after the millennium than this present world. This sounds a bit anarchist in a way but Jesus who taught it wasn’t an anarchist, rather the King of the Kingdom being considered here. The world dying giving birth to the Kingdom, it’s happening now, right before our eyes. Birth pangs are just that, pain, a world filled with nearly incomprehensible pain and suffering, the pictures are before our eyes, little children being trucked around as war refuges. Some with a gleam of happy mischief in their eyes, ah the children, the things King Jesus would have us to learn from the little children.

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