November 3rd, 2016

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Much of the spiritual action in the Bible comes from the work of apostolic-prophetic teams. I have found seven types of apostolic teams which may serve as models for us today.

  1. Band of Evangelists – Yeshua’s original group of twelve did not so much prophesy or start congregations. They shared the Gospel (and healed the sick). This was true of the group of apostles under Simeon Peter’s leadership as we find in Acts 1 – 12. Jews for Jesus gives us a picture of multiplying evangelistic teams.
  2. Band of Prophets – In ancient Israel prophets such as Samuel, Elijah and Elisha led bands of younger “student” prophets (I Samuel 10:5). The early team of apostles began by praying and prophesying together (Acts 1:14, 2:17). It is likely that a group of young visionaries attached themselves to John, who became his prophetic band. IHOP-KC has been a source for other prayer houses around the world.
  3. Mother Congregation – In Acts 13 there were teachers and prophets in the Antioch congregation. They sent out Paul (Shaul) and Barnabas. They became the support base for Paul’s team and others. The congregation in Jerusalem was the mother of all apostolic base congregations. Beth