• He Poured Out His Spirit
April 10th, 2014

In Isaiah 53, there are 3 references to the “soul” of the Suffering Servant. (The poetry of this chapter is as beautiful as its message is profound):

Verse 10 – “If He will make his soul a guilt offering”

Yeshua made His soul a guilt offering. We are guilty before God: we accuse one another, and we justify ourselves. It is as if two people are having an argument, and Yeshua steps into the middle to take the blame from both sides–thus allowing them to forgive and be reconciled.

Verse 11 – “from the labor of His soul He will see…”

Yeshua labored and toiled for the salvation of mankind. This was difficult and exhausting work. He lost sleep, prayed, served, preached, and healed. He put out great effort from His own soul that often seemed futile. Yet the promise of this prophecy is that all His efforts were not in vain. He will see results from His labors that were not apparent to the eye.

Verse 12 – “on account of that He poured out His soul to death”

Yeshua poured out His soul unto death. The words are similar to the words of the Torah that justice demand “eye for an eye; soul for soul” (Exodus 21:23-24). It is not His blood itself that makes atonement for us but his soul within the blood (Leviticus 17:11). He loved us to the point of giving His very life and soul (John 13:1; 15:13).

Sometimes we are not fully aware of the reality of Yeshua’s soul. He had thoughts, feelings, desires, expectations; He experienced all the stresses and temptations of mankind (Matthew 26:37-38; Luke 4:2; John 11:33-38; 12:27). He gave all of His soul to save ours. Let’s dedicate our souls back to serve Him.

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