Daniel’s Prophecies

Daniel studied the prophecies of Isaiah and Jeremiah, and began to pray for their fulfillment in his generation. Likewise we are called to read all of the prophetic Scriptures and pray for their fulfillment in our generation. Let us receive a similar anointing and understanding as Daniel--to pray, fast, intercede and repent as he did; and also believe that we can affect history by faith and prophecy as well...

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The Holocaust and the 70 Year Prophecy

This week marked the International Holocaust Remembrance Day in Europe and the 69th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp. We believe that in the coming year, the 70th after the end of the Holocaust, there will be a shift of paradigm in God’s dealings with Israel and the nations, particularly Europe.

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Messiah Must Die

Today in Israel, as it was in the time of Yeshua, there is still an expectation that the Messiah will come to rule as king and bring world peace. The concept that the Messiah must come first to die (and only later rule) is very difficult for our people to grasp. However the ancient Israelite prophets prophesied the death of Messiah directly on three occasions.

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