We Prophesy in Part

The phrase, "we prophesy in part" can be looked at in two ways. For those who do not believe in the continuing gift of prophecy at all, or who say that prophecy must be perfect or else it is totally false, we can see that New Covenant prophecy involves a level of interpretation and understanding that is only partial in nature. We "see through a glass dimly...”

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Phobeo: Fear of the Lord

There are two words in Hebrew used for "fear": Pakhad – פחד – is fear in general. Yir'ah – יראה – is more a reverential fear associated with authority, power, and holiness. We are not afraid of God as if He were evil. God is good. He loves us. We do not suffer from insecurity, nor lack of confidence, nor fear of rejection, nor self-condemnation. We are totally accepted in His love. Let's find this beautiful balance.

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The Price of Unity

Being "One" is a divinely-inspired, spiritual union; becoming united is the human process or outworking of being one. We are "one" in the Lord, but we have to do a bit of work to be united...

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God in Search of Man

Love searches for the other. Love breaks down barriers to make connection. Love is active to go out of its place to find the loved one. We keep searching even while the other person is resisting our efforts to make contact.

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During this Passover as we remember such a great deliverance, may our hearts be ignited with a passion to see all who are bound set free by his wonderful love.

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