The Kingdom in Every Sphere

In past ages the Kingdom of God was identified with the rule of the Church. In more recent times, the Kingdom has been understood as the Millennial Age, something that has been postponed to the future. Both of these views contain Biblical truth, but do not describe the full picture of the Kingdom of God...

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Apostolic Order

Apostolic order has two meanings; first we seek to order congregational life according to the teaching of the original Apostles in the first century as can be reasonably applied in our current day. Second we order our congregations under apostolic leaders who are chosen by God today and supernaturally confirmed as the servant-overseers of congregations. This is an issue of God’s government...

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“Judah First”

In the book of Romans we find the phrase "to the Jew first" three times: one for the gospel (1:16), one for wrath (2:9) and one for glory (2:10). I believe that this phrase is a continuation from the book of Genesis, in which the tribe of Judah was to "go first." The connection between the "Jew first" of the gospels and "Judah first" in the Torah reveals the consistency of divine order throughout the biblical covenants.

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