Exodus and the Revelation

It seems like the whole world’s safety hangs by a thread. But until just before the Lord returns after the seventh trumpet, we will be seeing the greatest harvest, the greatest miracles and the salvation of Israel. So indeed, the glory of God will be revealed in his salvation through judgment. Israel is in the eye of the storm.

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Queen of the Epistles

The epistle to the Ephesians was written and sent as a circulating letter throughout the Asian congregations Paul planted, of which Ephesus was one. In the other epistles written by Paul, we see a pattern of him extending personal greetings to people he knows. Ephesians is the most impersonal letter written by Paul. There is almost no personal greeting, and it does not address any specific local issues, as in his other letters....

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Like Pharaoh, he claims worship and god-like status. Like Pharaoh he persecutes the people of God and seems to be overcoming them. Like Pharaoh he has his false prophets.

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