Life of Character

Character is part of our life witness. The call to character, whereby we die to self is little taught in the Western church. People who are growing in Kingdom character will learn to love one another more and more. Godly character is a foundational pillar of the Kingdom of God...

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Gospel of the Kingdom

Where is the Kingdom of God promised by the prophets? In Yeshua the Kingdom had come in such a way that it could be embraced and entered into. Yeshua demonstrated that the Kingdom really had appeared and was available even though the final fullness of this Kingdom established over all the Earth would still await a future intervention.

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Moral Compass

As an Israeli Messianic Jew, I ask: who’s deciding on our society’s morality and ethics? Is it us, the followers of Yeshua, or others? If we look at some of the most important questions to our society – godliness, financial integrity, ownership of the land, marital standards - it’s clear that we are not those setting the tone on these topics.

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Law of Moses and the Millennium

God's kingdom has order. The entire Bible, including the Torah, defines that divine order. The ultimate goal of the Gospel of the Kingdom, fulfilled in the Millennium, is to establish God's order on the earth for Israel and the nations.

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