March 8th, 2019

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The Real Cause of Climate Change

Is there undeniable scientific evidence today that global ice fields are melting, ocean levels are rising and air pollution is getting worse at an unprecedented rate? Are water shortages, drought and crop failures on the rise globally due to current weather patterns? It seems to me, yes.

The growing concern about our planet’s future is even becoming a deciding factor for whether couples procreate. Climate change was cited as a factor for 33% of millennials when considering not having children at all or having fewer children (BBC News).

If the global population numbers were to reach unsustainable levels, why would God command humankind to be fruitful and multiply (Gen 1:26-27)? In order to be mindful of the coming generations, should we abandon God’s command and stop having children?

As lovers of Jesus and the word of God, should we really stop having children and become climate change activists? No and no. Instead here are some things we should be clear on when approaching the subject of climate change:

The True Cause

Let’s start with the core problem. Contrary to popular belief, the primary contributor to climate change is not carbon emissions, but mankind’s SIN! Isaiah 24:5-6 says, “The earth is also defiled under its inhabitants, because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinances, broken the everlasting covenant. Therefore, the curse has devoured the earth…” Romans 8:20-22 tells us that creation was subjected to futility, is in bondage of corruption and is groaning with labor pains under the weight of our sin. (also see Mal 4:5-6; Rev 9:21; Acts 3:21)

The blood of millions of aborted babies cries out. Pride, selfishness and greed fill the earth. Rampant sexual sin, rebellion, murder, adultery and so forth are the true causes of climate change. Man’s sin directly affects the earth in a negative way (Deut 28).

Ultimate Solution

Even if radical global laws were passed tomorrow making it illegal to burn fossil fuels or cause any other kind of environmental damage, they would not provide the climate change solution everyone is looking for. Repentance towards God resulting in the changing of man’s heart and ways is the ultimate solution.

Then you may ask, “Cody, you are saying that if everyone repents and turns from their sin tomorrow, then the effects of climate change will be eradicated?” In theory yes, but according to scripture this will not happen, instead some things are going to get worse. Here are some examples that point to climate change continuing to accelerate:

Worse Before Better

“The fourth angel poured out his bowl on the sun, and power was given to him to scorch men with fire. And men were scorched with great heat, and they blasphemed the name of God who has power over these plagues; and they did not repent…” Rev 16:8

In Revelation 8, the first three trumpet judgments impact a third of the world’s trees, grass, sea and water.

Am I saying that in light of these coming judgements, we do not need to make a concerted effort to look after the earth, clean up after ourselves, recycle when possible and be conscientious of our carbon foot print? As lovers of God and His creation, we should be those who set an example of what caring for the earth should look like. Revelation 11:18 tells us that God will, “…destroy those who destroy the earth.” He cares about how we look after what He has entrusted to us to steward.

In conclusion, don’t give into fear about the future. You should continue to be fruitful and multiply as you are led and able. God is in control. God the creator of heaven and earth stands behind the so called, ‘fury of mother nature.’  He knows exactly how light or severe every storm should be. All He does is done in love.

We don’t have to avoid the topic of climate change, but let’s be sure we are clear on the true cause. Don’t be duped by the idea that we can change the course of climate change by our own human strength without repentance from sin. “O Lord, help us to live and preach the Gospel, with repentance as the first step!!” (Acts 2:38)

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  1. Robert Weiss March 6, 2019 at 11:42 am

    Spot on! You even used my favourite go-to verse from Isaiah 24 to make the point regarding the environment.

    Many in the world generally write off the church as being the province of hypocrisy, conveniently ignoring their own. As long as they won’t regard sin – their sin – as contributory to the degradation of the environment, I say, “Shut up about climate change, pollution, the polar bears, and whatever other obfuscation you get in a lather about, until you’re prepared to get serious about the root of the problem!”

    Of course, we need to show solidarity with humanity. Daniel prayed “we have sinned…” After 38 years in the Lord, I know something of my condition, one we all share. But to let people go on in this delusory way, trying to heal their wounds superficially by externalizing their real problem, is truly unhelpful.

  2. Samuel Crace March 8, 2019 at 2:24 pm

    Seems you have bought the big lie about climate change. No real evidence things are much different than before. If so please provide your source that has not already been discredited. The lie is propagated to increase the enslavement and control of mankind. Genesis 8:22

    Yes, sin is man’s basic problem and God will bring down hell on earth before its over just like he did with the flood, but the political football of climate change especially manmade is a huge big government socialist hoax and you should not give credence to it.

  3. Donna Diorio March 8, 2019 at 2:40 pm

    You are exactly right, Cody!

  4. Ken Harrow March 8, 2019 at 5:34 pm

    The basis seems to be that the ice has been melting for billions of years and has suddenly accelerated. If we believe the Book, and come to the conclusion that the so called ice age occurred dramatically as Noah’s global deluge crashed down at the poles suddenly trapping mammoths etc with tropical vegetation in their bellies, then we’ll understand that the ice has only been melting for a few thousand years and the Almighty has not been caught by surprise – but rather He expected it to happen and it is a good thing.
    Most frantic fanatics however do not believe (or even consider) the Book in their calculations
    Why is Climate change a good thing? Because it will result in whole areas such as the aptly named Greenland producing far more Oxygen. Yes, of course we should look after the planet but too many people are making the creation their God instead of trusting their Creator

  5. Mark March 8, 2019 at 6:05 pm


    • Ken March 9, 2019 at 6:12 pm

      I had the privilege of spending some time in Alaska – One of the guides pointed to a glacier which was melting but then he pointed in the other direction and said that the other two were increasing in size. The Father of lies is making some people play around with the facts as usual. They start with the conclusion they want to reach and then change the facts to fit in with that conclusion

  6. Dave March 8, 2019 at 6:05 pm

    Be fruitful and multiply was given to the perfectly sinless immortal offspring of the Creator, Adam and Eve. Needless to say long ago humankind became no longer such perfect beings and therefore that encouragement from God is questionable as still being in force for humankind. 25,000 people starve to death each day in this world Cody, on a earth of ever diminishing resources with a significant portioned of those dying being innocent children. The idea that God is encouraging anyone to procreate while children are starving to death the world over in their mother’s arms is very questionable. Perhaps godly couples considering starting a family would do well to at least think about adoption as the more responsible option for raising a family. The current irreversibly catastrophic collapse of the earth’s environment is not the fault of starving children that haven’t quite gotten first thing first in life in their relationship with God and therefore are sentenced by God to have to starve to death. The hyperbole to make the point as counterpoint to the highly questionable logic of your argument here Cody. Now here’s the gospel truth in the matter, if you’re interested; Jesus predicted the days are coming in which it shall be woe unto those with children, (Mat 24:19) with the clear implication it’d be better in those days, not to have procreated. Those days are swiftly approaching and soon upon us, in addition to the whole idea of bringing more innocence into this world that’s anything but innocent? Problematic at best for the little ones. Also in addition to this fact that “be fruitful and multiply” has been fulfilled by us more than adequately and then some, we’ve obeyed God pretty darn good in that department if in nothing else, we’ve figured it out right proper and smart for sure. Now in answer your question that you presented at the beginning of the article: If the global population numbers were to reach unsustainable levels, why would God command humankind to be fruitful and multiply? You can’t be being serious with that question, are you? Please tell me that you’re not! But if so the bond of love still holds and so therefore let’s use simple logic, God’s always on board with logic because Jesus is the Logos who’s the personification of perfect logic same root word meaning. When the “be fruitful and multiply” blessing was given by God there was no sin and death. with humans quite obviously slated to progress straight into eternity (heaven) after their earthly procreative tenure, perhaps even going back and forth from one realm to the other. Eternity is very big with not worries about over population there, eternally big and huge!. Think about Enoch progressing directly into an angelic existence by walking with God from his temporal existence straight into the eternal realm, never experiencing death. Jesus declared to the Sadducee that those worthy of the resurrection shall be angelic, asexual eternal beings, angels don’t do baby making or any associated activities, right? Off the point a bit from the overpopulation question but a related understanding. I must humble myself and beg forgiveness for being seemingly proud in knowledge. So I declare to you that it never hurts to ask, as long as it’s open minded non-rhetorical questions that aren’t assumptive and leading. A true question simply wanting to know is good. Ask and it shall be given to you, us, anyone who sincerely wants to know the truth.

    • Gail March 10, 2019 at 1:08 am

      Thanks for your comments. I agree that population is the elephant in the room when it comes to our carbon footprint, distribution of resources and loss of habitat. Access to health care and birth contol is desperately needed (and wanted) by many women in poor nations.

  7. Dragan Vujic March 8, 2019 at 6:49 pm

    Excellent points Cody. This obsession with climate change is another form of rebellion against the Creator God in the last days of prince of this age ruling by lies and deception. The great and terrible Day of the Lord is approaching. Keep on preaching the Good News of the Kingdom and making disciples of Israel and the nations until all Israel is saved and the international church comes to its fullness in the Spirit.
    By the way your wonderful and important message cannot be shared on Facebook. I tried several times and it always indicates that the page cannot be found. Try to share it yourself on FB, than it will be more convenient I suppose.

  8. Roger Larkins March 8, 2019 at 10:44 pm

    I appreciate the Godly perspective you’ve brought regarding sin. And in parallel, the focus on a humanistic approach to resolve the hypothetical issue. I would, however, express your concern in your primary premise, outlined in your opening statement: “Is there undeniable scientific evidence today that global ice fields are melting, ocean levels are rising and air pollution is getting worse at an unprecedented rate? Are water shortages, drought and crop failures on the rise globally due to current weather patterns? It seems to me, yes.”

    While your response was categorical (i.e. ‘it seems to me’), there is considerable evidence that the alarmist narrative of climate change and sea level rise are very loosely based on fact, but largely based on fabrication. Anyone with an inquiring mind can find sources of scientific evidence that demonstrate the fabrications. I will happily provide links to published papers on request.

    But that doesn’t belie your argument. Without God, without acknowledgement of the underlying condition of human sin, and without repentance, there will be no change.

    • Tapio Parviainen March 11, 2019 at 9:06 pm

      Roger, please provide those links !

  9. Joseph Kohler March 9, 2019 at 12:53 am

    Way to go! Take a hot topic, dodge the frothy surface turmoil and go straight to the DEEP TRUTH behind everything. Amazing formula! And solidly delivered. Amen!

  10. John Decker March 9, 2019 at 10:49 am

    There is a constant through out planet earths cosmological history. Solar winds / flares. These are the ones that are changing our planets weather / temperatures. And they are more powerful and deadly than carbon emissions and man’s negligence / sin. The effect of solar storms can be traced back to every mayor climate “change” thousands of years back. If fits endtime events perfectly, and it is a God driven event that only he can control. That doesn’t mean we are not responsible for this planet, as for God gave man dominion over all of it. So it is as Jesus prayed the night before his crucifixion, John 1715.

  11. D B Walker March 9, 2019 at 4:39 pm

    It is written, the earth will wear out like a garment.

  12. Elhanan March 9, 2019 at 7:03 pm

    The Isaiah prophecy, “The curse has devoured the earth” in Hebrew is “Ki allah achla aretz”- the word for curse in Hebrew there is ‘allah’. Our calling now as believers is “Strengthen the things that remain that were about to die.”

  13. Dave March 9, 2019 at 8:14 pm

    I find these naive poorly informed “experts” on the earth’s rapidly changing environment high minded and proud for being such ill informed self appointed and unqualified people in their assertions. These scientist that are cast upon are just doing “cause and effect” that’s the bases of most science … no evil conspiracy against faith in the Lord God rather just folks making a living to do well what they’ve been trained and hired to do … do they need Jesus Christ? Well I’d say so, for them and every other person who has opened the womb to come into this world, but that’s beside the point. This denial mentality against scientific fact by the church is tragic, but in a way it really doesn’t matter because it’s already too late. The environmental feed back loops are already switched on and they can’t be turned off, that means things are in motion that are self sustaining and reinforcing at this point, and getting stronger by the day. Can God get us out of it? I suppose he could by why should He? We’ve made this mess so He leaves it to us to try to resolve it but truly it’s already too late.Ten more years and it goes beyond our comprehension how bad it’ll be by then. The reason so many people live in denial is deep down they know and fear it’s true so they’re just whistling through the graveyard at night. Science for the most part is not pushing an agenda in this matter. Then what are they doing ? Just the math folks …it simple mathematics. Well not all that simple, it takes university degrees to do this math but they’re good and serious minded at it, unlike those in the church who talk from off the top of their heads about things they really know little or nothing about. You want to do something about it? Don’t preach against humanistic abortion etc… as the cause, that’s just blaming it all on someone else, rather sell your car and buy a bicycle. Jesus said it’s going to get bad folks, so bad that if God didn’t shorten those days no flesh would survive (That’s what God’s going to do about it). And the problem is it’s not coming, it’s already here, just getting warmed up good and proper and please excuse the pun. What’s two degrees four degrees five? No big deal right? Wrong … ten degrees and the survivability of most forms of life, many that we’ve already driven to extinction becomes most problematic including us. Don’t tell the world to repent to fix things, rather repent yourself . Don’t need to? Think again. While I wrote this close to a thousand people starved to death throughout the world, you can save a kid’s life if you’re not already doing so. By the way there’s a lot of those ungodly humanists out there on the front lines trying to save kids from starving … Don’t be so quick to judge and be careful of the way in which you judge for the Lord will judge you in like manner of the standard you use to judge others, the wise leave the heavy judgement to God and involve themselves in helping others in the name of love. The name of Jesus Christ.

  14. Brother Raoul March 10, 2019 at 3:57 am

    Hi Brother Cody

    An excellent Biblical answer. God’s Word has the answers. Shalom. Brother Raoul

  15. Rita March 12, 2019 at 1:49 am

    To Dave, I’d like to say that I know he cares about people, and has a gift of mercy. But God cares more and knows each person He created. None falls without His ok, and He is Love in it. Most of us don’t know much about the real story on climate change, but we Christians can do our part in the stewardship of the earth wherever we are on the issue, knowing at the same time that God will get it right in spite of our ignorance or intelligence. Our role is to still love one another whether we agree or disagree on issues and not belittle one another, whatever side of knowledge we’re on. We also have to be as innocent as doves but as wise as serpents as we reflect on unbelievers’ alarmist projections. We need discernment to ferry out truth from fiction. Thank you for your thoughts, Dave. You are greatly loved by the Father. . .

    • Dave March 12, 2019 at 3:47 pm

      Thanks for reading what I wrote Rita,
      It was kind of long so I was wondering in any would actually read it, awesome! I’m not sure though that confronting high mindedness and herd mentality is belittlement, rather the truth at all costs. But if they don’t listen to those who are truly experts having done the math responsibly on climate change? Are they going to listen to me? Little chance, but you? Perhaps. This world’s doomed, always has been since the fall of Adam and Eve. My dad was a big believer in education and technology that springs from higher education, him believing this will solve the woes of the world, he was a humanist though he didn’t know it to call it by name. He was wrong and I use to tell him so but as a very proud man he wasn’t going to listen to his son, about his need for Christ either, when he was dying of cancer he got agitated with me for sharing Christ to tell me there are many roads to God. I believe that, but it’s where you go from there that matters. I want the road that leads to and stays with God forever, Jesus Christ. Anyway he’s gone now to where his path took him out into eternity with I having no assurance I’ll ever see him again. You know Rita I love that scripture be wise and serpents but harmless as dove. Which I’ve come to understand as “be smart as the devil but unlike the devil, harmless” But be wise to know what he’s up to, not to be naive concerning certain people who have the heart of the devil, lying, murderous etc … And of course the devil is proud, in fact so proud as to make it his ambition to superseded his Creator. So the point is we can never or perhaps I should write should never be or project pride as believers. Here’s the idea that I’m challenging here that I think is a proud thing and not only that, quite silly. The idea that’s being implied is if the world would stop being the world (worldly) , then global warming or call it climate change, then it would just go away with the implied idea this is God’s judgement on a sinful world but the question is; does driving your automobile from point A to point B qualify as sin? The underlying premise that’s being presented by many in this discussion form is that this all has nothing to do with scientific cause and effect, rather it’s a moral issue, the rapid decline of the earth’s delicate and fragile environment, tying the underlying reason for the haywire environment to abortion etc… but it’s simple math of gas emissions rather than abortion and sinful living. The emissions from your car to go to the grocery store is just as harmful to the environment as driving to the abortion clinic. It’s nor where you’re going, it how you’re getting there in a greenhouse gas emitting automobile. More C02 part per billion increase in the air causes the atmosphere to hold more heat, and that for a fact. It’s mathematical fact that can be calculated and tested quite precisely. A mathematical issue of the effect of gases that we pump into the atmosphere (2.4 million pounds of it per second worldwide, get that? per second!) No need to make it a moral issue, that I feel is being proud, assumptive and self-justifying to point at people in the world that don’t strive for the high moral standard in Jesus Christ, blaming sinners as the cause for adverse climate change as God’s judgement on them with us just sort of innocent bystanders, that’s flat out ludicrous. It is directly caused by the gases we pump into the atmosphere. What I see in this Rita is believers trying to absolve themselves from the responsibility by blaming it on sinners, God’s judgement on them. For me loving one another in part is raising a red flag in the master’s house against self-deceiving high minded pride. If you want to blame someone? Blame the Great Whore Babylon, she’s the rampant lust for the material, overriding mercantile concerns is a much more rational thing to blame the destruction of the environment on, rather than desperate women having abortions. Because you see with materialism come the ever increasing manufacturing of stuff. There’s a directly link to big industry. Generating electricity is what it really all boils down to. Blame the lust for more and more electricity if you want to be on the climate change mark to get it right, and electricity is power so the lust for more and more power is the actual sin that’s causing the problem, we don’t live as simple as we could, we need power to run all of our stuff, everything and generating it pumps gasses into the atmosphere along with our vehicles. This is the undeniable fact of global warming and don’t trust pseudo-scientific work the repudiates main stream science on the subject, there’s a lot of papers and studies out there that’s falsely reassuring having been paid for by the fossil fuel industry. Remember, Be wise as serpents and there’s a lot of snakes out there that will write anything to deceive for a price, We do well to remember this too. The love of money is the root of all evil and ain’t that the gospel truth for sure?

  16. Rita March 17, 2019 at 8:13 pm

    Hi Dave, Actually, it’s pride that is the root of all evil and from there comes all kinds of sin, including love of money. Money, of course, is not evil on its own. It’s neutral and helps people to acquire food, etc. But like anything else, it can be misused and for sin. But I’d like to respond to your thoughts on climate and man’s misuse of things to affect it. Don’t you think God knows human nature and man’s inability to be wise in all things? Do you really think everyone on the planet is going to be as cautious and responsible as you would like? Of course not. Yet Got is very aware of that and He is still Sovereign over everything – the universe and every one of us – responsible or not. The way God judges each of us is how each of us responds to Him personally and the things He puts into our hands to obey. And He never said for us to educate everyone else on everything there is to know, except to preach Him and His Kingdom. I trust God to the degree that whether the earth dissolves in heat or does not, the final word is still all due to His love and mercy, and justice. He has all authority over man’s irresponsibility, although it definitely has influence. But the final decision on God’s activity toward us is His alone and He promises victory to those who have placed Him in the center of their lives over every other thing. I am responsible to love Him and obey Him in what He tells me to do. He has not told me to stop driving the car, and I don’t blame non-believers for problems with climate nor have I ever heard other Christians say that. We’re all in the same boat – I can be as irresponsible as an unbeliever, but God will hold me accountable only insofar as I obey or disobey His instruction to me. And therein lies.the crux of the matter. Has God asked you to sound the alarm on climate change in the way you’re doing it? By casting aspersions on Christians whom God has not called to sound the alarm in the same way or on the same issue as you? Scripture tells us that we will be known by the love we have for one another; not by how we dismiss one another for disagreeing with us.Loving and honoring others is far more important than being right. I appreciate your earnestness and your dedication to Jesus Christ. And I am so sorry you don’t have assurance of your dad’s salvation. I hope you will meet him again in heaven, but whatever is the truth, God will assure you that whatever is the outcome, you will agree with God’s love and justice in the matter. Also, I would direct your questions, your wondering, your doubts, and even your confidence to be directed straight to God, believing and trusting that He will direct you in the way you should walk and think, and act. In other words, to surrender all that’s on your heart and mind, and trust Him to love you in it, to admire your enthusiasm, and to accept you as you are, the unique human being that He created and who can give him glory in a way only you can give. But you need to know how you can do that. I can sense God’s great love for you. I pray you will too.

    • Dave March 26, 2019 at 1:32 pm

      Hi Rita, I just now have checked back to look for comments on this exchange about the environment and general destruction of the earth to find your message. It’s been nine days since you wrote and I was please to find your message to me. How very kind of you and thank you for penning such a heartfelt and extensive message to me. I’m going to copy and print it to reread very carefully for I receive it as a gift of the spirit to me. Your spirit to to mine. If you would like to contact me directly my email is and I certainly would be pleased to hear from you. Isn’t it good to be in the Lord and to be touched and supported by others in the family of love, His love for us, Him whole created this spiritual family for Him to dwell with and in us forever and us altogether with Him because he bought us with his shed blood? To be His pearl of great price, price being his blood shed unto death on the cross, giving His all for us, us all sinner but he has cleansed us with His very own blood. To think about it and write about it is wonderful in and of itself but wait till the day we’re there safe home to be with Him forever. I’m glad to be owned by Jesus Christ as I’m you are also. What’s not to love about our sweet Jesus? It’d a cold hearted world but we’ve got light (understanding) of love to shine as the answer to the problems of this sin sick, love starved, sad and sorry world. If I don’t hear from you I’ll check back here to see if any other words of kindness and encouragement you’ve written me are here . I’m reread this message from you very careful as a sacred gift of love from another child of God and sister in Christ Jesus. Your love toward me is very much appreciated and encouraging … thanks again

    • Dave April 1, 2019 at 2:25 pm

      Global warming is now being denied in large swaths of fundamental Christian Christian community in United States and as you can see by some of these outlandish assertions in this comment section like this one that takes the cake, unbelievable. This obsession with climate change is another form of rebellion against the Creator God in the last days of prince of this age ruling by lies and deception. … why all this nonsense from those supposedly in the light? … to make the fundamental Christians appear stupid and uneducated to the well informed humanistic scientific community? It would seem but in reality it is willful ignorance at it’s core, but why? For unrestrained commerce that is industrial development with higher profits without the burden of costly government regulations seeking to phase out fossil fuels that fuels world commerce. Biblical speaking it’s the great whore Babylon that represents opulent consumerism that is consuming the earth, eating her alive. But those in the know are starting to look at it from another angle, the evolutionary understanding of a some will survive, the survival of the fittest in a big step of human evolution in which AI (the machine based collective human conscience) will become the new God. the idea now is to stockpile resources (money) and wait it out as environmental catastrophe with accompanying war and disease purges humankind and the earth, what’s left of it, of all those not tied into the machine, AI. It’s already happening but not yet come full into sharp focus of what it really is, undeclared but generally understood by those believing that it’s just a punctuated accelerated step in human evolution and so it would be, if one leaves Jesus Christ out of the equation, returning to pull rank as the Creator, Come Lord Jesus!

  17. Carol Surles September 21, 2019 at 4:14 pm

    Cody, with God’s inspiration, you have done an excellent job of sharing truth with us. In His omnipotence, God, who created the earth could override any peril that man imposed, if we were holy and deserving. I found your paper, after I had studied Isaiah 24, and written my sense of what is happening to the earth. I will try to share my writing with you later.

    It occurs to me that Isaiah also prophesied that children would lead. He did not say that they would be right, but we see that our youth feel a need to step up and take leadership in these times. Regrettably, statutes are being changed all over the world by the highest tribunals, confusing those who have not taken on the full armor of God. Scripture tells us that God is not the master of confusion.

    Every one of us continues to sow sin into the universe, and many make no effort to acknowledge, let alone repent for, our transgressions. In fact our sins have reached to the heavens literally. After we have defiled the earth, plans are being made to defile the heavens, and mine asteroids for valuable resources in the very portal to God’s throne. Only God can contain humanity’s utter unholiness at this point.

    Please keep writing. It is time to invoke the Nineveh Strategy of Jonah’s time.

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