• Video in Arabic Defends Jews
March 27th, 2014

A dear friend of ours, a Palestinian ex-Muslim, produced an amazing video with his Arab Christian presenter. Their names are concealed for security purposes.

Here are some translated excerpts:

Among the 12 million Jews in the world today, 184 Jews were awarded Nobel Peace prizes in various fields.

How many Nobel prizes were awarded to Muslims? – Only 9. 12 million Jews won 184 Nobel prizes and by comparison 1.4 billion Muslims won 9. And out of those 9, two of them were not considered Muslims by the mainstream of Islam ( Najib Mahput and Abed A-salam). So 9 less 2 leaves 7.

The Jews who are called the “offspring of monkeys and pigs” according to the Koran (5:60) hold 184 Nobel prizes, while the “greatest nation sent to mankind” (according to the Koran) has won 7.

Israeli Products

You want to have a boycott? Write down the names of the following products:

  • A Jew by the name of Levi Strauss invented “jeans” in 1873.
  • Lipstick was invented by a Jew, Maurice Levy, in 1915.
  • The ball point pen was invented by a Jew by the name of Laslo Biro in 1938. Will you boycott all ink pens because they were invented by a Jew?
  • Instant photography (Polaroid camera) was also an invention of a Jew, Edwin Herbert in 1947.
  • The remote control was invented in 1950 by a Jew, Robert Adler.
  • The cardiac pacemaker is a Jewish invention from the year 1952. Every Sheikh and Muslim who has heart disease must refuse a pacemaker implant.
  • The video cassette is a Jewish invention by Charles Ginsburg in 1950. Why then do you record the Koran on a video cassette?
  • The laser beam is a Jewish invention by Gordon Gould in 1958. Imagine all the uses of the laser today, including in hospital surgery rooms.

Empty Slogans

I have not come to advocate for the Jews. However, the Sheikhs are selling lies and empty slogans to the Muslims and inciting them to boycotts, and not telling the bitter truth, that the Muslim world in our day is totally dependent on Western products; and among them those that were invented by Jews.

Watch this amazing 9 minute video in Arabic with Hebrew subtitles. Click HERE!

Pray for this video to “go viral” among both Jewish and Arab audiences, and for divine protection for the producers.

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