July 11th, 2014
Over 200 rockets have been shot into Israel from Gaza this week.  The rockets have mostly fallen in open fields; many have been intercepted in mid-air by the brilliant Iron Dome defense systems, but some landed in civilian populated areas causing fear and property damage.

Israeli has called up the reserves and is launching a major offensive to destroy the Hamas infrastructure. One Israeli intelligence source said that the IDF already has 3,000 strategic sites identified within Gaza.  To destroy these sites will require a major land offensive.

Hamas has stockpiled huge amounts of weapons over the past few years, although most are relatively primitive compared to Israel’s.  The challenge for Israel is not the brute force of the opposition, but the bizarre psychological nature of the Hamas extremists and their supporters.

The Hamas rockets are stored and fired on purpose from civilian homes in the hopes of causing civilian casualties to make Israel look bad. Although Hamas knows they cannot win a war, they are causing the escalation on purpose to show themselves as the attackers of Israel.  Hamas propaganda is purposely spreading lies and “disinformation” to create false hopes in their people.

And of course international media does not expose the Jihad extremism which is causing the conflict, but concentrates rather on the civilians killed by Israeli attacks.

Let’s pray for:

  1. Few as possible innocent citizens, Jews and Arabs, to be killed
  2. Destruction of Hamas
  3. Protection of tiny Christian community in Gaza
  4. Break lies of Jihad brainwashing among Palestinians
  5. Break lies of Jihad propaganda in international media
  6. Egypt to stay firm against terrorists
  7. Arrangement after conflict for peaceful co-existence
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